Monday, October 22, 2012

News from the Lazy Grey Ranch

(You may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog from "Tales of Golden Fostering" to "In Dog We Trust" since my posts tend to be about more than just my foster dogs.)

Several months ago, I wrote about my friend Pat Drozt and her greyhound Mulder.  Mulder crossed the Rainbow Bridge shortly before Memorial Day, leaving Pat and Sydney, Pat's female greyhound, to adjust to a new phase in their lives.  Not only was Sydney lonely without her buddy, she was finding it stressful to be in charge of all the dog-related responsibilities by herself.  These included barking at the little dogs next door, border patrol (got to let those squirrels know to stay OUT of the yard), and making sure all the dog treats got eaten.

Over the summer, Pat was contacted by Greyhounds Only, one of the greyhound rescue organizations, wanting to know if she would be available to take a foster dog.  They had been contacted about a male greyhound named Max.  Max's owner had recently lost his wife and had to sell his home to cover medical expenses, and was moving to a much smaller apartment.  With two Italian greyhounds in addition to Max, he was no longer able to care for all three dogs and had made the painful decision to find a new home for Max.  Pat and Sydney went over to meet Max, since Pat's major concern was whether the two dogs would get along with each other.  Max and Sydney liked each other right away, so Pat arranged for Max to move in with them.

Max is a large black and white adult male greyhound, about eight years old.  He was instantly comfortable with Pat and Sydney, and after a tour of the house and yard, he climbed up on the sofa and fell asleep.  Sydney's relief at having canine back-up was obvious.  She became much happier and more relaxed. 

Max soon met many new friends, including Luke the golden retriever and the two brown dogs, Sophie and Korby, and Larry, Pat's human son.  But his favorite human after Pat quickly became his Auntie Andie who comes by the house every day to look after the cats that she boards in Pat's basement (Andie is a TNR - Trap, Neuter, Release - volunteer for cat rescue).

It turned out that Max had a few medical issues.  He was a little overweight, he needed a visit to the doggy dentist, and he was favoring one of his back legs.   Pat was concerned that Max had arthritis, or even worse, a torn cruciate ligament.  A vet visit was arranged, and while Max was sedated for his dental work, the vet took x-rays of his hips and knees.  The good news:  once Max's teeth were cleaned, he did not need any extractions.  He had also lost a few pounds and was now at a healthier weight.  The cruciate ligaments in his knees were in good shape, too.  The bad news:  Max had corns on his back feet.  Foot baths and ointment were prescribed, and the prognosis is good.  With Pat ministering to his feet on a daily basis, Max's corns should clear up eventually.  If he can be convinced to stop licking them.

Once Max received a clean bill of health, Pat decided that she and Sydney couldn't be without him, so she completed the paperwork to formally adopt Max.  But before she could even mail in the adoption contract, Greyhounds Only wanted to know if she could foster TWO more greyhounds.

Toby and Shayna had lived happily with their owner until she became ill and had to be hospitalized.  Their owner's daughter tried to take care of them, but between worrying about her mother, traveling back and forth to the hospital, and trying to cover the medical bills, there wasn't much left over for the two greys.  When it became clear that her mother would not be returning home, the daughter contacted Greyhounds Only about re-homing the dogs.  Of course Pat couldn't say no to fostering them.

Other than being underweight, the new greys are in good condition.  They have been with Pat for a little over a week.  Toby is a seven year old brindle male - he could be Mulder's twin brother.  He even has some of the same quirks that Mulder had (like about the ramp in the backyard).  Toby is already looking at Max like a role model.  Shayna is a five year old female and, except for the color of her collar, looks exactly like Sydney.  The two girls instantly became BFFs.  They take turns sleeping on the pink comforter in the living room (dogs are supposed to be color-blind, so how Sydney and Shayna know that the comforter is bright girly-pink is anyone's guess).  Max is now the leader of the pack.  He gets up on Pat's bed, and the other three greyhounds gather round and gaze up at him like his adoring subjects (I think I need a picture of that).

Pat is already wondering if she can manage four greyhounds on a permanent basis. 

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  1. What a terrific story about Lady Grey and her pups!