Monday, June 11, 2012

Waldo update

Time for the weekly Waldo update:  Waldo is holding steady.  He is eating less that he was right after he started on the mirtazpine, and he has decided that he doesn't like dog food AT ALL.  So I am feeding him whatever he will eat.  Over the weekend, we had good success with cheeseburger macaroni, pizza, and the leftover meat-lovers skillet that I brought home after going out to breakfast on Saturday (I tend to order what I think the dogs would like).  There are some of all of these selections left for the next few days.  Sometimes Waldo likes something one day, but then he won't like it if I give it to him the next day.  Who knows what goes on in those little heads?  Waldo is very thin, but you can't see it because of his coat, which is still very thick.  But I can feel it when I help him stand up.

Otherwise, Waldo is still enjoying his life.  He is sleeping more, and more deeply, but he is glad to see me when I come home.  Sometimes he does his "I've fallen and I can't get up" bark when he wants me to come and give him some attention, especially when he is wanting his tummy rubbed.  He still likes rolling around in the grass out in the yard and stretching out in the sun for a few minutes, and then going and stretching out on the cool stones on the patio.

Waldo rolling in the grass

My niece and two of her girls stopped by last week and thought Waldo was just the cutest little old guy.  They were very sad to hear about his kidney disease but were glad that he is happy for whatever time he has left.

My friend Pat who lost her greyhound Mulder about two weeks ago still doesn't quite know what to do with herself.  She can't get used to how easy it is when you have a healthy normal dog, and when she stopped by yesterday to visit, she told me that she has had sick dogs since she retired about seven years ago.  Sydney, her female greyhound, has grown from a skittish girl to being pretty relaxed.  Mealtimes with Mulder for the last few months were about the dim sum plate, with Pat hoping she could find something he'd want to eat.  Likewise with treats:  sometimes Pat would offer four or five treats before she'd find one that Mulder wanted.  At mealtimes with Sydney, Pat puts her food in her bowl, Syd eats it, and then Syd goes and relaxes.  But the good news is that our Andie of the Cats is retiring in a week (congratulations, Andie!  I'm so jealous!), so Pat will have a playmate very soon.  Everyone needs someone to play with, no matter how old they are.

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