Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waldo is holding steady

Foster guy Waldo is holding steady - still eating well, getting around okay, and still barking at me when he needs help getting up.  He is feeling pretty perky since he is taking the mirtazapine, so perky that I am thinking of sampling one of his pills.   ;-)   He has been waking me up usually twice during the night to go outside.  Due to his weak kidneys, five hours seems to be the longest he can wait to go out to the yard.

He wee'd on one of the runners again yesterday during the afternoon, so that one went in the wash when I came home from work.  It always seems to be the one in the TV room, so I have been shifting them around so that it's not always the same rug that catches it.

More of Waldo's story:

Waldo was still pretty weak when Gail and I took him home after our lesson in giving fluids.  He had to be helped into the car and then helped out at home.  He appeared quite taken aback at first at the size of the yard (not that it's a huge yard or anything).  Although Waldo had several walks during the day while he was at the veterinary clinic, he was mostly inside, so being out in the yard without a leash AND without the hateful cone must have been quite a change for him.

I went in the house to get the camera, and of course Luke wanted to come back outside and meet Waldo.  Now, recently I had gone to a foster seminar, and one of the things that was stressed was that you should NEVER EVER let your own dog meet the foster dog until the foster dog has been in the foster home at least a week.  So when Luke squeezed out the door behind me and ran over to Waldo to make a joyful play bow, I realized once again that I'm a crappy foster home.  (More on that topic in future posts.)

It took Waldo a few days to settle in to living with us.  At first he didn't want to eat the prescription kidney diet food that had been sent home with him, not the dry or the canned.  Luke on the other hand thought the canned K/D was delightful.  After a day of picking at his food, I called Glencoe Animal Hospital to talk to the vet, and was basically told to feed Waldo whatever he would eat.  So I did some research online and developed a "diet" for him of kibble mixed with white rice, cooked vegetables, and one of the protein choices that is easier for dogs with kidney issues to digest.

Waldo also had to adjust to my schedule.  I work full time as a librarian including weekends and evenings.  I was scheduled to work the day after Waldo came home, a Sunday when the dog walker doesn't come to take the boys out.  I confined Waldo (and his cone) to the TV room and when I came home, Waldo had pretty much flooded the room.  Fortunately that is the only time that has happened in the two months that he has been living with us.

Stay tuned for more about Waldo - maybe some more pictures, too.

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