Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is that a seal in my yard?

Waldo has been feeling perky for the last few days, eating well and enjoying himself.  He has resumed barking at me when he wants to go outside, come in from the yard, needs help getting up, or just wants me to come into whatever room he is in.  His bark sounds a lot like a seal (hence the name of this post).  Right now, he is willing to eat some of the canned kidney food if I mix it with some regular canned food.  He is also off rice but will eat pasta, so I have been cooking some pasta for him every few days and including about half a cup with his meals along with a little protein to help everything go down.  It's been about three weeks since his last vet visit and he's doing okay, so I'm okay, too.

Back to Waldo's vet appointment:

On May 4, Waldo and I went to the vet for a wellness check.  As Good as Gold's adoption coordinator Barb met us there, since she wanted to see how Waldo was doing.  She had visited him at the clinic when he first came into the rescue program and has a soft spot for him.  Compared to how he had looked back in February and March, Barb thought Waldo was looking really good.  She had one of Waldo's favorite treats in her pocket (organic dried chicken), so she was his new best friend.

When we got inside the clinic, there were three techs plus the two receptionists in the lobby area.  They were all happy to see Waldo but I am sure they were concerned to see how dejected he was looking.  They took Waldo in the back to weigh him, and Barb and I were assigned to an examination room.  Dr. Lewin and one of the techs came in almost immediately with Waldo and did a very gentle exam.  We went over Waldo's symptoms and behaviors over the last few days.  The vet explained that kidney failure is a wasting disease which is why Waldo is experiencing overall weakness, and that the uric acid build up causes ulcers to form in the stomach and the mouth which is probably why Waldo didn't want to eat.  He prescribed an anti-depressant that had the major side effect of increasing appetite, as well as an acid reducer for Waldo's stomach.  He also suggested feeding Waldo baby food, whatever kind he would eat.  He emphasized that we were doing all that could be done for Waldo, and praised the rescue group to the skies that we would take in not only an old dog but a seriously sick dog, and give him such a good quality of life for whatever time he has left.  It was all I could do not to cry in the vet's office.

I took Waldo home, then went out to get his prescription filled and buy some baby food for him.  I got several kinds of baby food since the vet said to feed him whatever kind he would eat.  Although he ate a little baby food that evening, Waldo vomited everything up, including the treat that Barb had given him.  I was really worried about the boy.

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