Sunday, May 20, 2012

Waldo's meet & greet

After his initial adjustment to living with us, Waldo fell into a happy regular lifestyle:  eating well, going for a walk every afternoon with the dog walkers Patty and Jeremy from The Dog Walkers Inc., settling in with me for his nightly subq fluids, barking at me like a seal when he wants my attenion, and co-existing with Luke.  It's not that he and Luke don't get along, he just pretty much ignores Luke - in Waldo's eyes, I am sure that Luke is a young whippersnapper of 7 who has way too much energy and curiosity.

Luke relaxes with a favorite bone

Waldo was even feeling well enough to go to a meet & greet at the local Pet Supplies Plus store in Morton Grove.  Here he is with his friends Miriam and Jerry, two of As Good as Gold's regular meet & greet volunteers.  Miriam was one of the beautiful ladies who stopped by regularly to visit with Waldo when he was staying at Glencoe Animal Hospital back in February and March.

Waldo gets some love from Miriam                         Jerry introduces Waldo to another Golden

More about meet & greets:  a "meet & greet" usually takes place at a local pet supply store or other venue or event, and is an opportunity for the rescue group to distribute information to the community about the group and educational topics such as the importance of spaying or neutering your pets, vaccinations, heartworm protection, and microchipping.  We publicize the events on our website and the sponsoring store or event usually does as well, and we try to get our foster families to bring their foster dogs out to give them some exposure.  People often stop by the location just because they hear that AGaG will be there; our volunteers talk to people who are interested in adopting, thinking about relinquishing their dog, and often to people who have just lost a beloved Golden and need to talk to someone who will understand how they feel.

When Waldo had been living with us for almost two months, he suddenly wasn't as interested in eating as he had been.  He ate his breakfast on Tuesday morning but didn't want any dinner.  On Wednesday morning, he once again ate all his breakfast, so I figured that he had been feeling a little off the day before.  But Wednesday evening, Waldo once again did not want to eat.  I started to wonder if a pattern was developing here.  My friend Pat has a senior greyhound (Mulder) that does not like to eat in the morning, but enjoys his meals in the afternoon and evening.

But on Thursday morning, Waldo did not want to eat anything.  I tried canned dog food, kibble softened in chicken broth, cooked ground beef, chicken - all of which he had happily gobbled up in the past.  But nothing appealed to him.  I thought maybe his mouth was sore again, like it was when he first came to As Good as Gold, so I cooked him some scrambled eggs, always a crowd pleaser in the past.  Nope - not what he was in the mood for.  I was concerned enough to call Glencoe AH.  Waldo's vet was also concerned and scheduled a wellness check for the next day.

Thursdays are my late night to work - the main library is open until 9 p.m. four nights of the week, and everyone has to work a late night.  Right now I'm working Thursday evenings, but it changes every few months.  When Waldo refused even his favorite treats, Beggin Strips (the treats that look like strips of bacon, not the healthiest treat but the dogs love them), I decided it was time to haul out the big guns:  I went to McDonald's and got him a cheeseburger and fries (yes, I know it's not good for dogs, but Waldo is 12 years old with a terminal illness - exactly how long do we think he's going to live?).  But he turned his nose up at everything.

Now I was really worried.

Next:  Waldo's vet appointment

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